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Stimulus Incentive for Self-Employed Individuals

Begining March 30 through May 1, 2020, the Puerto Rico Government and the Puerto Rico Department of Treasury ("Hacienda") will be offering a $500 stimulus incentive to all self-employed individuals.


To claim your incentive, you must:

1) be self-employed;

2) be registered as a merchant under the SURI platform;

3) have an active Merchant's Registry Certificate (if expired, you can renew your certificate and claim your incentive, as long as you do so during the specified period of March 30 and May 1, and have an active business).

How to claim your incentive?

1) Access your SURI account.

2) Under the Alerts section, select Economic Incentive.

3) Complete the bank information and press Submit.

Call us at 787-300-3777 should you need help claiming your incentive or if you have any questions.

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